Ping-Eee OS, Netbook Edition of Pinguy OS


This was built and compiled using the ASUS Eee Netbook and designed from the ground up to run on netbooks. This has more installed then the mini but less then the desktop version. Size of iso is 1.38GB and only comes in a 32-Bit version.

Best way to install this is to use UNetbootin.

Ping-Eee comes pre-installed with Jupiter and Rhythmbox has been replaced with Clementine. A few apps that come in the full version have been removed like gnome-do and Glipper. This was because they did use a lot of memory. Vineyard had to be removed also because of memory usage.

Reviews With More Info:…-ping.html…tbook.html

Download link:…S%2011.04/
Torrent link:…1_i686_iso

Total Installed Size 4.23GB.

More Screen Shots:

Overview of Installed Apps Part 1:

Part 2:

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