Pinguy OS New Releases – Where are they?

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything on here so thought I should.

Pinguy OS is still being activity worked on. There has been a release for 12.10 and a 13.04 release is being worked on at the moment. If you want to keep up to date with the development of Pinguy OS its best to follow the Information thread on the forum. This blog will be mainly for news on the LTS releases.

I have decide to keep the 6 month releases as beta’s/snap shots of what the LTS will become. The 6 month release’s will be using bleeding edge software that hasn’t been fully tested. For an example the 13.04 release is using Gnome Shell 3.8.1. (something that isn’t included/supported in Ubuntu 13.04 by default).

The 6 month Pinguy OS releases will be missing features that will be in the final LTS, but the release will be very usable. It just won’t be at a stage where I am happy to call it stable due to missing features or things not quite working as they should. The goal of the 6 month releases is to help give users insight and influence on where Pinguy OS is heading and help shape the LTS release.

For people that have missed it, here is a video of the 12.10 release that can be downloaded from here.